Different types of little flower girl dresses

As flower girl dress are worn by the little one who are representing the bride. Little one are the smaller versions of the bride and they want them to look like a doll which they were in their past for their parents. There are different types of dresses for the little one to wear for different events. They are worn according to the event and the environment where the event is taking place. Every parent want their child too look good in the event which is being held and especially in the wedding when the little one is dressed as a flower girl. In a wedding a dress is to be selected by its theme like;

A theme which is being or organized in an elegant way like a wedding of a princess, so the dressing code of the flowergirl would be related to the wedding theme. If a wedding is a princess based than the dress should be a beauty for others like a princess gown, and they’ll be representing first to the audience on the behalf of the bride so they should be dressed boldly. Selecting the color for a princess theme the colors should be light colors like light blue, white, light pink which makes it more beautiful. In addition, they should wear satin ballerina slippers. Have them carry baskets decorated to match their dresses and throw tons of soft rose petals along the isle.

If the wedding is held somewhere outside like a places covered with grass, flowers, tree basically a jungle wedding party. The flowergirl would be dressed in an entirely different way. Off white and a very light shade of green or teal color would the perfect dress for a flowergirl for this theme. Adding laces to the flower girl and making design on the dresses of the flowers can be the best option for the (FGD) to look beautiful and blend well with the theme.

If a theme is selected of a beach for a wedding than the design of the flower girl dress should different from the above two theme wedding. The flower girl dress should be a bit different for this theme and the color should resemble the beach like sky blue color, or color in lighter brown shade, white can also be the option in a beach theme. Dressing a flower girl after the dress make the little one wear rounded hair band with a design of flower matching the flower dress color or dark green with leaves of a tree. And they should be carrying a bucket which resemble the color of sand, and should have the white roses to throw from where the bride passes.

Certain wedding are also their which is based on color theme like black, blue etc. so for these kind of wedding the (FGD) should be dressed in a lighter tone than the bride, holding the matching flower. These were the certain theme for which a (FGD) can be chosen keeping these thing in mind when dresses are being selected.

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