An Innovative Lineup Of Shoes From Nike

Nike shoes are known for their trendy designs and superior comfort. People all around the world love the different products from the company which are created for various specific purposes. Here are a few brief descriptions of some of the most popular models from Nike.

Nike Air Max

The original Air debuted in the year 1995 and was an instant hit, especially among runners. The Air Max has larger airbags to make the shoes lighter and provide more cushioning so that runners have impact protection as their legs hit the ground. The outsole which is made of rubber has a waffle pattern that provides better traction and durability.

The uppers are made of a mesh material to provide better breathability. An innovative lacing system provides secure lockdown and a more customized fit. The distinctive appearance of the airbags makes this model, one of the most iconic iconic symbols Nike.

Nike Shox

The Shox incorporates a new feature in the form of small hollow rubber columns in the midsole of the shoe near the heel. Normally, four circular columns are grouped together in the form of a square. According to the company, the rectangular and triangular configurations of Shox provide more stability. Some of the models like the TL series incorporate Shox throughout the midsoles of the shoe. The Shox columns are normally around 25 mm in height.

Apart from absorbing impact and providing cushioning to the runner, the Shox also provide a spring back action that is said to propel the runner forward. The Shox NZ and Shox Turbo come in various different color combinations and are some of the best selling shoes by the company.

Nike Dunk

The Dunk was originally introduced in the year 1985. It came in numerous colors in low-top and hi-top versions. It was mostly worn by basketball teams in universities and colleges across the country. Nike used the Dunk to spearhead the College Colors program, where they matched the shoe color to that of the teams uniforms.

With the outer sole having a lower profile, the Dunk stays close to the ground and is much lighter than other models. This has made the Dunk quite popular among skateboarders as well. The panel of the shoe has also been revised to improve the performance in a basketball game during blocking or pivoting. The Dunk was eventually reintroduced in 1998. Ever since, it has become an icon in art, culture and fashion.

The wide range of models from Nike continues to provide consumers with more comfortable and better performing shoes that are engineered for perfection.

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Plus Size Scrub Shopping

If you’ve ever attempted to purchase plus size scrubs, then you know the headache that this simple action can cause. At some point, everyone has had the unfortunate experience of buying a piece of clothing that did not really flatter your body type. Finding plus size scrubs are the easy part, the hard part is wondering whether you’ve picked the correct scrub for your body type and what you will look like in them. If you can find scrubs that fit you well and can get past the anxiety of how they’ll look, then you have to worry about the price and being charged an arm and a leg for them. All of these are worries that a number of people have daily, but it doesn’t really need to be.

First, let’s take the pressure off of shopping for plus size scrubs. Shopping should always be a stress reliever and this is no different. Choosing the most suitable plus size scrub depends on your personal taste and budget. One important thing when shopping for any piece of clothing is function. Make sure you’re choosing scrubs that can function the way you need. So if you carry a lot of gear, a scrub top with a number of pockets or cargo pants maybe for you. If your scrubs can’t function in the manner you need, you’re most likely going to be extremely unhappy with your purchase.

While function is important, comfort is equally as important. You want to ensure you’re purchasing a plus size scrub that is comfortable. As a busy professional you never want to buy scrubs that restrict you from doing your job comfortably. You need scrubs that will stand up to your hectic schedule and that feel great on.

Looking great is also an important factor to consider when purchasing plus size scrubs. Purchasing scrubs that fit your body type is a key factor. Plus size individuals especially should always keep this fact in mind. You want to be extra careful when choosing clothes, if they’re too loose you end up looking larger than you really are, and if they’re too tight you look like you’ve just made a really bad choice. Don’t put yourself in that predicament. Make sure that you pay close attention to sizing charts, and choose the appropriate sizes that ultimately compliment your body type.

One misconception with plus size scrub shopping is that you’re limited to those boring plus size scrubs that you see in the magazines, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Gone are the days when scrubs are solely functional, they’re fashionable as well. There are a number of different options; from color options to style options the choices are limitless. You now have the opportunity to mix and match whenever the urge hits you. From a variety of styles such as the Mock Wrap and Empire Waist tops, to bootleg and flare leg pants. While you do have the option to mix and match, if that makes you nervous try a scrub set and take the guess work out of it.

Finally, have fun. Shopping for plus size scrubs shouldn’t be a chore. As long as you arm yourself with the necessary information to make appropriate decisions, you should have no problems finding a plus size scrub that feels great and looks even better.

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The Plus Size Scrub Pant

When you think of the plus size scrub pant often times the stereotype is that there aren’t a lot of choices, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The scrub pant is an essential piece of the nursing uniform and thus attention should be paid to them. Durability, comfort and functionality are the most important things for the busy medical professional. There is no time to worry about whether or not your scrub pants will keep up with your hectic schedules. There are a number of options to choose from when selecting scrub pants, so let’s explore a few.

1. The Cargo Pant
This type of pant is usually made with sturdy material that provides dependability and durability day in and day out. The cargo pant offers pockets that are completely external and ideal for professionals on the go. The cargo pant gives you the space to carry all of your gear with its additional pockets. Your pens, keys, cell phone, bandage scissors and whatever else you choose to carry will be right at your finger tips with the cargo scrub pant. If you’re looking for a pant that can stand up to the active work life of a medical professional, then the cargo pant maybe just what you need.

2. The Boot-Cut Pant
Typically when you hear boot-cut pants you tend to think of denim jeans. The simplicity of the boot cut pant makes them an ideal choice for both men and women. The boot-cut scrub pant is especially important as it disguises the more curvy body type. By making the curvy hips appear slimmer, boot-cut pants allow plus size individuals a number of options. So if you’re looking for a fun stylish type of scrub pants that look great on most body types, then the boot-cut may be for you.

3. Flare Leg Pant
The flare leg scrub pant is another option to choose from when it comes to plus size scrub pants. Similar to the boot-cut pants, the flare leg pants offer the same slimming effects and can effectively conceal size. The flare leg normally is tight to the knee before opening up and widening out to a bell bottom. The flare legs are fitted through the waist and thighs, allowing you to move freely without the fabric slipping or bunching. The flare leg accentuates the hips and works well for comfortable movement. If you’re looking for a pant that is extremely fashionable then the flare leg pant is for you.

From these choices to others such as the choice between elastic and drawstring, it is clear that nurses are no longer limited to one specific type of scrub pant. The possibilities and options continue to be endless.

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Useful Tips For Buying Wholesale Designer Sunglasses

Wholesale designer sunglasses are not necessarily cheap or inexpensive. Some people refrain from buying them assuming that the quality of these glasses may not be up to the mark. However, millions of pairs of these sunglasses are sold worldwide each year. As long as these glasses are procured from a reputed store, you can rest assured that they would be good quality products.

While designer sunglasses can be pretty expensive when bought individuals, getting them in wholesale can be much less expensive per piece. Apart from the obvious advantage of lower prices, you can get a variety of designs in the lot and you can mix them match them according to your wardrobe. You need not worry about not having the right design to match your latest attire. When you buy wholesale designer sunglasses in bulk, you are sure to find a pair that suits your apparel perfectly.

At the very outset, determine your budget so that you do not waste time at stores that sell more expensive stuff. As soon as your budget is set, you will have a narrower set of choices which would help you save time while shopping. With a less number of stores to visit, you can compare prices among different sources and then choose the set prices for your specific budget.

When you choose your sunglasses, price and looks should not be the only criteria. You should also ensure that they come with adequate UV protection. The sunglasses should be able to provide complete protection from the harmful rays of the sun when you are outdoors. So choose only those brands of glasses that provide UV protection for your eyes. That should probably be the most important criteria while choosing your wholesale designer sunglasses.

Finally, check to see if your seller has a wide range of brands in their collection. There are a number of popular brands like Adidas, Armani, Burberry, Carrera, Cartier, Dior, Ed Hardy, Fendi, Gucci, Nike, Oakley, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Marc Jacobs and many other brands. All of these are some of the top brands that come out with very fashionable designer sunglasses.

Make sure that your seller has a wide variety of designer sunglasses from these and other brands so that you have a wide choice to choose from. Price, quality and variety are the three most important factors that you need to look for while choosing your glasses.

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Handmade and handcrafted Celtic jewellery.

Handcrafted jewellery has always had a very special place in Celtic life. We can see this because of all the items that have been found in burial tomes and in sacred religious settings that have been very important in the Celtic history. These pieces of handmade jewellery were worn by both women and men unlike today when jewellery is prominently worn by women.

The crafts men of the ancient Celts were very talented and skilled and produced some amazing pieces of jewellery considering the equipment and materials that were available to them. These pieces were produced with the popular Celtic patterns and themes and these stunning designs are still produced today in the same way.

If we are to think of a piece of handcrafted Celtic jewellery our first thought might go to the famous Celtic ring. This ring has great significance and can be given on an engagement, as a betrothal rings, and as friendship rings. These are predominately a European thing but in the last few years the demands for these designs have become worldwide. These traditional handmade Celtic rings have very beautiful intricate designs of spirals, knots, scrolls and chevrons and all of these have a special meaning and significance.

The most popular and well known of these designs is the Celtic knot and the significance of this lies in obscurity and no one knows it’s true meaning or origin. Some scholars say that the knot symbolizes all the interconnections of life in all forms both in nature and in relationships. The connections of nature were very important to the Celts. Many of these references are seen in myths and legends but no clear theme has been emerged from this.

Celtic crosses are seen on many pieces of handcrafted jewellery and this is no ordinary cross it is quite unique to the Celtic culture. This Celtic knot work is found in designs that pre date Christian times. The designs of these crosses have equal arms that have been enclosed by a full circle. This is known to symbolise and represent the four corners of the earth and the four elements which are air, water, earth and the forth being fire. The circle that is around the cross symbolises infinity and also represents the path of the sun to the sky. This is a contrary mix of designs both the religious Christian symbolism and also the mystical.

This cross design was not only used in making pieces of handmade jewellery like pendants, necklaces, engraved on bracelets and in charms but it can be seen on pottery and in the designs of handcrafted fabrics.

The next most popular design used in the making of handmade Celtic jewellery is the pentangle and this is a five pointed star and this star sits within a circle and again this is said to represent the five sacred elements, fire, water, air, earth and also the spirit. It also represents the five stages of our lives. These five stages are birth, the coming of youth, the coming of adulthood, aging and finally death. This pentangle sign has its roots in paganism and is also associated with Wicca.

Many of the pieces of Celtic jewellery have designs of animals and these are used to represent various aspects of life. Handcrafted jewellery will contain motifs of a geometric motif and these play a large part of the designs and these have been the inspiration for these beautiful pieces for centuries. You will find single spirals, dual spirals, triple centred spirals and chevrons that look like arrowheads. These designs of arrowheads were used by hunters and warriors as good luck charms.

These designs can still be seen today in modern pieces of handmade jewellery and you will see them on earrings, bracelets and pendants and the metal that is commonly used to create these beautiful pieces is silver.

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Some advice for selling handcrafted jewellery on the internet. 2

As with my previous article I point out the advantages of taking perfect photos of your handcrafted and handmade jewellery when selling online. The most important part of marketing your goods is in the presentation and as you are selling online this means that you have to have clear and sharps photos to display your goods perfectly.

As with achieving a clear and sharp photo with the aid of a tripod and the macro lens you also need to master the art of lighting to be able to photos of your handmade jewellery that are true to colour and full of details. To achieve the best results you will need to use soft diffused lighting as this works best with handcrafted jewellery. You will probably already have discovered with previous photos that using an on camera does not give the results you are looking for displaying your goods online. The flash is far too bright for this job and you will have bright spots and hard shadows on your pictures. You have to replace your flash with continues lighting and when you are photographing your earrings and bracelets you will see the difference in the results you achieve. You require that your handmade jewellery is shown at its best. The best lighting to use in natural light bulbs and to have the lighting balanced so that you have natural light and showing no shadows or bright spots on your handcrafted jewellery. These natural light bulbs can be found at any reputable camera shop. You know have your bulbs and the next thing you will need is a light tent and this serves to diffuse the entire light giving even colour to your photos.

A small photo tent is not expensive and it will reduce the entire glare and will help to control any shadows you may acquire when photographing your handmade jewellery. They are widely available in many sizes and shapes and because you jewellery items are only small you will not require a large tent just a small one will do the job you need.

The last thing you need to do to obtain the perfect picture of your handcrafted jewellery is the correct exposure. If your background is a plain white colour it may appear gray in the image and if this happens it means that it has been under exposed. To rectify this you will need more light as your cameras lighting sensor is not picking up enough light. To get the setting right you will again have to read your manual as most of the cameras on sale today have an exposure compensation setting. When you have found the controls for this you will be able to increase the exposure until the image of your handcrafted jewellery looks correct.

When you become comfortable and confident with experimenting with your handmade jewellery photography and are getting used to using different settings, shutter speeds and apertures you will find that you are taking beautiful and confident jewellery photos and are able to adjust the setting for taking photos of different types of jewellery. it may be that you can use the same settings for taking photos of earrings, bracelets and necklaces and when you have the setting and lighting correct you can use them for all your handcrafted jewellery settings.

We now have the advantage of being able to use computer software to enhance or jewellery photos and this can help us obtain stunning images. It is defiantly quicker to use the image as it has been shot but if we are to be practical this does not always work. It is sometimes difficult to get your pieces of unique and original handcrafted jewellery to look as you would like and this is when you have to be able to adjust the image by adjusting the exposure, cropping and re-sizing and most of these things you will have to do before being able to upload the photo to the internet.

Take your time and have fun experimenting and you will produce spectacular photos that will show your beautiful jewellery at its best and hopefully make many sales.

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Agate a beautiful natural stone used in unusual jewellery designs

Agate is the most beautiful natural stone and has been formed over 1,000’s of years from mineral deposits in the ground and it is a stunning semi-precious stone that is available in many colours and is used in the designing of unusual jewellery for many years.

The natural stone of Agate occurs in cavities in the rock that have been form from erupting volcanoes. Agates are formed in bands that resemble the band growths you would see in a tree and are formed in a myriad of stunning natural colours making it an ideal stone to use in jewellery making. The Agate stones are created when gas bubbles from inside the cooling lava meets salted water. The gas bubbles mixed with the salt water when mixed turn into a gel. The sat in the water then attacks the iron that is in the lava and this is what then produces the stunning bands within the stone. The bands are beautiful and sometimes crystals are formed in the centre of the rock offering inspiration to jewellery designer to create unusual jewellery from this natural stone.

Because these stunning Agate stones are created by nature no two stones are the same each and everyone is unique and original making them truly stunning. Agates come in many colours but in its rough state and can be very dull so it does need a lot of polishing to bring out all its natural beauty. When the Agate has been polishes and cut it is used to create unusual jewellery designs in earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Some of the Agates are now dyed to offer us even more colours to create these jewellery pieces.

Agate can be found in many places all over the world but the main countries that this natural stone is mined are India, Brazil, China, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and of course Madagascar where the stunning Madagascar Agate comes from. Greek ledged tells us that this natural stone was found in the river Achates which in the modern world is known as the Drillo river which is located in Sicily. There has been evidence that stone age men of over 15,000 years ago used Agate in there tools and weapons. Today they have found new sources in Italy and the United States. It has become more popular within the jewellery business due to its stunning colours and that the price is more affordable than other semi-precious stones and because each piece is unique it means that unusual jewellery designs are achieved with each piece used.

Because Agate is a natural stone the colours can vary significantly with each stone and this is all depending on the distribution of the minerals within each band. The minerals in the stone are what determine the natural colours. Minerals that contribute to the colouring are: iron oxides which produce bright reds, browns, black and shades of green, magnesium will give us pinks, violets and again black, chromium creating stunning colours of green, yellow and red, titanium produces a deep blue, cobalt will give use reds and purples, nickel gives us green, and copper produces red, blue and amazing shades of green.

It is no wonder that jewellery designers are inspired by such stunning colours to produce unusual jewellery that is treasured by many women all over the world. All the large fashion houses have designs that include Agate in their collections. It can be made into beads so that they can be strung into jewellery necklaces or polished cabochons to make handmade earrings. Bracelets are carved from chunks of this beautiful natural stone and then highly polished. I have even see watches that have used pieces of Agate as the face. The possibilities for creating unusual jewellery from this amazing stone are endless.

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A look at gemstones in handcrafted jewellery designs.

Gemstones are available to us in two main types and these are precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones and both of these are used extensively in handcrafted jewellery designs. There are many things that have to be learnt about precious gemstones.

There are many ways that each of this gemstones differ and this is with the composition with the natural stone, like with everything the quality, and the availability and this of course will affect the cost. It goes without saying that if you want a piece of handcrafted jewellery that has a rare precious gem in its design it will cost you a lot more than a pair of earrings, jewellery bracelets, necklaces and rings that have semi-precious stones in the unique and original designs. We need to know a little bit more about these gemstones and one fact that might amaze you is that the diamond is not the most expensive gemstone on the market.

As stated the much loved and treasured of gemstones the diamond is not the most expensive diamond and there have been very many that have fetched incredible prices and one of these is the Red Diamond and this is one of the rarest stones we can find as is a rich burgundy colour and if you are not an expert can be mistaken for a Garnet. These are very expensive but there are more that have fetched more than diamonds. But who would not like one of these stunning stones set into a piece of their handcrafted jewellery?

Garnets are a beautiful stone and usually a deep red colour but the rarest of these gems is the Blue Garnet and these are very rare and can only be found in a couple of places around the world. The colour of these beautiful stone can range from teal blue through to a deep and rich royal blue depending on the light.

Painite is another gemstone that is quite rare and is not widely used in handcrafted jewellery designs. The lovely smoky colour has deep hints of gold, amber and this is one of the rarest stones on the planet so it is obvious that this is going to be one of the most expensive.

Black Opals are stunning with their myriad of sparkly colours and these are a lot rarer than the white opal. These are used in unique and original handcrafted ring designs, in pendants as the focal point and surrounded with other gemstones to contrast the beautiful natural colours in the stone. This stones shine and shimmer in the light making it a very popular gemstone to use in the making of handcrafted jewellery.

Another stunning natural gemstone is the Sapphire and when we think about this stone we think about it being blue in colour but it does come naturally in other shades from deep purple blue to pink and even a hint of green. These stones can constantly be seen in pieces of unusual handcrafted jewellery and the deepest blue coloured of these stones fetch the highest prices. Jewellery bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings can all be found containing these stones in the designs and as with other gemstones it can be used as a focal point and then surrounded by diamonds.

So have you decided yet which your favourite gemstone is? If you were to choose a piece of handcrafted jewellery would it be a pair of earrings, jewellery bracelets, a pendant, a ring or necklaces? If you were to choose one of these which gemstone would you have set into the unique jewellery design? There are so many choices that it would be hard to choose just the one.

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Bracelets a beautiful piece of handmade jewellery.

There are many different types of handmade jewellery, earrings, pendants, necklaces, brooches and of course bracelets. Bracelets are one of the most versatile pieces that can be worn both buy the young and old and come in many unique designs.

A bracelet is a piece of jewellery that is worn around the wrist and can be crafted from may different types of materials and different designs. You can have bangles that are usually made in one piece and these can be carved out of wood, a semi-precious stones or made from glass. Cuff designs made from metals like gold, silver, copper, brass and you can see these design crafted from leather. Charm bracelets are also very popular and these can be found with beads or charms or a mix of both. Bracelets are worn by both women and men.

The word bracelet comes from the Latin word brachile which means arm. If we look back through history we can see that both Roman and Greek soldiers wore bracelets that had been handmade from soft leather straps and to these were added designs that were inlayed with gold and silver. Woman would wear small versions and only on the wrist now up their arms and many of these designs were crafted from precious metals and set with semi-precious gemstones and so the bracelet was born.

Today the modern day bracelet can be found in many forms and is one of the most popular pieces of handmade jewellery. We have mentioned charm bracelets and in the last few years these have become very popular and can be found in many forms. The traditional designs where made from a heavy gold bracelet that was made from chain that had large links. On these links would be placed charms and these would come in many forms. These would be given to you on special occasions to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or a special event. The charm usually symbolised something like an Eifel tower if you had paid a visit to Paris, a rose if that was your favourite flower or something with a secret meaning and these pieces of unique handmade jewellery were treasured as there was a lot of sentimental value with them along with the monetary value. Today you will see these that have been crafted from many different types of materials, silver is very popular and to these are added charms in plain silver and many that have been enamelled with beautiful bright colours. Some of these charm bracelets have lots of beautiful beads added to their unique and original designs and now you are able to purchase bracelets that only have beads. This is a single bracelet that opens so you can add beads that have a large hole through the centre.

You will find handcrafted bracelets that have been made from precious metals like gold and silver and you will find these in simply elegant designs or you can find some with intricate engravings. These precious metals are also used as settings for semi-precious gemstones and sometimes crystal beads to add shine and shimmer to the unique piece of handmade jewellery.

Bracelets beaded from both glass and semi-precious beads are also very popular and many of these designs have the beautiful beads strung on elastic so that they stretch and will fit any wrist size. This is one of the reasons that make them so popular because it means you can by anyone of these pieces and know that it will fit. It also means that you could buy a bracelet beaded onto elastic as a gift and be confidant that it will fit the recipient. Bracelets of every kind can be worn in for both casual and formal events on their own or with another complimenting piece of handmade jewellery.

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What to Wear with Leggings – A Little Legging Can Go a Long Way

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the best of times because there are these comfortable things called leggings that we get to wear. It is the worst of times because we have no idea what to wear with leggings. This confusion is due to the fact that leggings are neither pants nor tights, but are so comfortable that we want to find out all the different ways we can wear leggings and give a free makeover to our wardrobe.

Before revealing different ways to wear leggings that can lead to a self-propelled free makeover, we must agree on three very important rules:

Rule #1: Leggings are not pants so do not wear them as such.

Rule #2: Wear leggings with a top that is long enough to cover your derriere and cover our lady parts. If you don’t understand why this needs to be a rule, stop what you are doing and proceed to the nearest mall. Grab a seat at the food court. People watch for thirty minutes and then come back and finish the rest of this article. Resist the urge to give the people you saw a free makeover.

Rule #3: You do not talk about fight club. Sorry, is this an article about leggings? Then don’t forget the two rules about leggings and disregard the comment about fight club.

Taking into account the rules above, here are some items you can wear with leggings.

1. High heel knee-high boots. Love this look. This is great for fall and winter. Just tuck your leggings into the boots.

2. Long cardigan. You can throw on a long cardigan (over a long top). The cardigan can keep you warm and cozy and can offer a pop of color.

3. Long T-shirt. Throw on a long T-shirt over your leggings. To prevent the outfit from looking sloppy accessorize well or pair with a stylish pair of shoes.

4. A short dress. You can pair many summery dresses with leggings so that you wear the dress as a top instead of wearing it as a dress. This is essentially a free makeover for many of the dresses in your closet.

5. Ballet flats. This goes great with a pair of capri leggings and a summery dress worn as a top. Be careful if your have really big calves and this look can make your legs look like tree trunks.

6. Long tank top. This is great for summer. You can even layer the tank tops to bring in more colors.

7. Long top and short jacket. Wear a long T-shirt or tank top and then layer on top of it a shorter jacket, so that the fabric of the shirt hangs out below the jacket.

8. Boyfriend blazer. Wear an oversized men styled blazer over your top. Remember the jacket should be past your bottom.

9. High top sneakers. This a little bit of a younger look, but a very hip way to wear the leggings.

10. Chunky sweater. Great for fall and winter pair a long chunky sweater with leggings.

Originally introduced in the eighties, this time around the legging style seems to be lingering much longer and has proven to be a comfortable and versatile addition to our wardrobes. Let us take full advantage this free makeover wardrobe item before it goes away and we are just left with the sweat pant, which does not go with any summer dresses.Try it, use it, but never abuse it. Let us enjoy the era of the legging. Oh and one last thing, don’t tell anyone that we mentioned fight club.

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